How To Fix TV Picture Flickering? Causes and Methods

If your TV is flickering, and you want to know the cause and methods to fix TV picture flickering, then today we will discuss this.

Causes of TV Picture Flickering

There are a number of causes for your TV’s flickering. These are one and more causes that may be present at once, causing the flickering.

Missing or Loose Cable Connections

One of the common causes of TV flickering is loose cable connections. This problem could also be caused by a lost connection.

Buildup of Dust

A buildup of dust on the TV panel may be the cause of the flickering. The TV ports frequently become dirty regularly after some time. 

Power Supply Failure

If the power supply is faulty or if there is an issue with the circuitry of the power supply, the TV may flicker.

The software update is pending

There might be a long overdue firmware update for the TV. It’s likely that out-of-date software is to blame for the flicker.

Turned on energy-saving mode

The TV may occasionally flicker if the energy efficiency mode setting has been selected.


The TV may overheat if it has been on for an extended period of time. Flickering could result from this warming.

Electrical Disruption

Electrical interference from other appliances in the immediate vicinity may cause flickering. This frequently occurs when a Wi-Fi router is close to the TV.

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How To Fix TV Picture Flickering?

Restart the TV

The TV can experience a temporary issue that causes the screen to flicker. See if the hack works by restarting using the tried-and-true method.

To restart your TV, unplug the cable from the power outlet, wait a moment, then plug it back in. Check to see if the flickering TV screen has been corrected now.

Unplug and re-plug the TV

Take into account unplugging your TV and allowing it to operate for around a minute without electricity. By doing this, follow these steps:-

Step 1:

Make sure your TV uses up all of its energy before you switch it back on.

Step 2:

Then, turn on the TV after reconnecting the plug.

Step 3:

If the flickering stops, it might have been a minor power cycle issue with an older TV model.

Step 4:

If your TV has a reset button, you can use it if you think you need to or you can reset it by following the directions in the user manual.

Step 5:

Use a paperclip and keep it in place for about 30 seconds to reset your TV.

Step 6:

Test to see whether this resolves the Flickering TV Screen problem.

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Examine Any Electrical Conflict

Additional home appliances may use enough power, if they are on the same circuit, to cause flicker. This is most noticeable when the appliance is turned on when the screen quickly darkens.

Step 1:

Start by shutting off the problematic appliance. Restart the TV to restore the brightness to normal.

Step 2:

You might also get an electrician to check the primary ground of the service panel.

Step 3:

Verify that the connection is strong.

Step 4:

The appliance or related audio/visual equipment for the TV will have a dedicated outlet available.

Check the Cables

Your TV’s screen flickering could also be caused by a loose connection or damaged wires.

Verify your ports to make sure everything is securely connected and that there are no frayed or damaged connection points.

You can check your cables at your local hardware store to see if there is any internal wiring damage.

If you need to acquire new wires, be sure to buy high-quality cables. Cables of higher caliber are more reliable and perform better. Test to see whether this resolves the “Flickering TV Screen” problem.

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Check for Issues With the Video Source

When showing a video or a live event, the TV will show what it thinks is the correct image. The original video source’s flashing will also be shown on the TV.

The recording may unintentionally contain substandard flicker frames due to the video conversion software or hardware.

After watching the movie on your computer or smartphone, if the flickering still exists, there is an issue with the video file.

A lack of metadata or corrupted frames could be the cause of this issue.

Nothing can be done to get rid of the flickering in this case because it is a part of the source file.

Check the Internet Connection

If you’re streaming material to your TV from an online provider, you might want to make sure your internet connection is strong enough. To find out if your internet speed is adequate for Wi-Fi, use a speed test.

Step 1:

You might try connecting your TV to the router if it allows LAN connections over Ethernet.

Step 2:

Sometimes if the network is too slow or the connection is unstable.

Step 3:

While streaming, the audio may be out of sync, and the video may jerk and flicker on your TV.

Step 4:

Either you may move the router closer to your TV or, as we would advise, you can connect it via Ethernet.

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Check the Internal Issues

Internal connectivity problems produce constant flickering, independent of the visual source.

It’s possible that the TV is practically inoperable and needs to be completely replaced.

You must first find the screws required to remove the TV’s rear panel in order to inspect its internals. These will normally be located in various locations around the back of your TV, depending on the model. To clear any dust or grime that has accumulated over time, use a microfiber cloth.

Check all of your TV’s connections, including the power, HDMI, audio in/out, and any others you might need. Ribbon cables for these components may need to be replaced by a qualified technician if you see any fraying or other damage.

Flickering on the screen and connection issues could be the result of accumulated dust and debris.

Check the TV Power Supply

A power supply unit is also a part of your TV, and with time it will lose the ability to power all of your TV’s components.

Some early signs of a deteriorating power supply include erratic power cycles, screen flickering, and occasionally your TV not turning on.

To examine and swap out the power supply unit, you might contact a professional. If you know how to do it, you can change the power supply at home.

It’s important to remember that certain TV internal components may call for special connections and connectors. Even if you know how to fix your TV, it would be advisable to get a professional to take a look at it.


We have provided the best fixes for the flickering TV screen issue. Once you’ve found the advice that works best for you, follow it.

Flickering on televisions can have a variety of causes, however, they are frequently seen. A glitch in the cable connection, a transient bug, or a problem with the power outlet could be to blame for the flickering.

You should check to see whether the video source has any problems. If the video source contains flickering, you will notice it on your TV.

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