How to Fix if a SIM Card Is Damaged: What are the Symptoms?

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Symptoms If a SIM Card Is Damaged

Below we will provide the symptoms if your SIM Card Is Damaged. Let’s check, and fix it:-

Symptom 1: Physical Damage

It’s clear. You should be concerned if you discover that your SIM card has physical damage. You should check that by taking the SIM card out of your phone to look for any physical harm. For instance, if you discover that the chips of the golden hue have been harmed, this could point to the issue.

Symptoms 2: Network Issue

This could also be a sign if you observe network problems on your phone. However, the network issue should be regular and ongoing because occasionally your service provider may experience network problems in your area as well.

On the other hand, if you frequently see network or coverage on your phone, it may be a sign that your SIM card is defective.

Symptoms 3: Calls and Messages are Dropped or Delayed

You will notice that your calls frequently disconnect if your SIM card is defective. Also, you will find that your sent messages are not being sent. The messages instead remain in the “Outbox” folder.

Other people’s messages will also take longer to reach your phone. Most of the time, people will interrupt your phone calls. These are some clear signs that the SIM card needs to be repaired.

Symptoms 4: Sound Quality is Terrible in Call

You may notice poor sound quality when on a call, which is another indication of a defective SIM card. For instance, if the SIM is destroyed while you are on a call with someone, you won’t be able to properly hear them. 

The sound coming from the opposite side would then seem hazy. And if it keeps happening to you, you should be concerned.

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Symptoms 5: PIN Codes Are Frequently Requested

Your phone will prompt you for a PIN or PUK code each time you restart it if you have configured it to do so at boot. 

This PIN/PUK code has nothing to do with your phone in actuality. Instead, it is a SIM card security function.

This is done so that only the owner of the SIM card knows the PIN or PUK code and no one else may use your SIM card.

Even if the phone is in use, you can notice a request for a PIN code if your SIM is damaged. Unfortunately, this implies that even if you haven’t rebooted your phone, the requests will occasionally show up. This is due to the SIM card’s strange behavior.

Symptoms 6: Welcome Message Frequently on the Network

Most of the time, if you have rebooted your phone, the service provider should send you a welcome message. 

As an illustration, it might read, “Welcome to the network of your carrier”. It is a sign that your SIM card has been identified by your carrier’s network.

However, if you see that this specific notification keeps coming up even when you haven’t restarted your phone, you should take action as it appears that your SIM card is broken.

Symptoms 7: No SIM Card Contacts Are Displayed

Your SIM card typically has a modest amount of storage. Additionally, it allows you to save contact information on your SIM. These phone numbers are also accessible from your phone.

Now, your SIM card may be damaged if you are aware that you have saved some contact information on the SIM card but those numbers are not showing up in the contact app on your phone.

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Symptoms 8: Airplane Mode Unexpectedly Entered

Cellular access is possible even if your phone is in “Airplane Mode.” Normally, you would need to explicitly enable this mode. 

It might be the SIM card, though, if you notice that the “Airplane Mode” is turned on automatically.

Symptoms 9: SIM Card Is Not Recognized

Your phone won’t recognize the SIM card if it is broken. In that situation, you can notice that your phone has no network.

Additionally, you will note that there is no SIM card available on your phone if you click on the “SIM Settings” menu. You would see the name of the SIM card carrier there if the SIM card were identified.

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Fixes if SIM Card Is Damaged

Method 1: Switch out the SIM Card

The solution to almost all of your damaged SIM card problems is to replace it. If, however, you discover that the SIM card is physically harmed, you must swap it out as quickly as possible.

Method 2: Consult with other Users Nearby

You should speak with other people in your neighborhood who use the same SIM card carrier if you have recently experienced network troubles on your phone. 

In this manner, you can determine whether the issue is a regional issue with the service provider or if your SIM card is genuinely defective. The decision to replace the SIM card is only then an option.

Method 3: Check your phone

Your phone’s defective speaker may be the cause of any sound issues you’re experiencing. You will need to fix your phone in such a situation. If you discover that the speaker is functioning properly, your SIM card may be the problem and has to be changed.

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Method 4: Put the SIM Card back in.

It’s possible that you didn’t correctly insert the SIM card. It moves as a result, and when it is in the proper place, your phone will request the PIN code. This is due to the fact that it believes the SIM card was just inserted.

Because of this, you should correctly re-insert the SIM card and see if the issue still exists. It is highly likely that the SIM card gets damaged in that situation. In that case, replacing it would be ideal.

Method 5: Use this SIM Card on a Different Phone

You must first take the SIM card out of your phone and put it in another phone. Check to see if the welcome message is still displayed at this point. You must replace or change the SIM card if it is still available.

Otherwise, if you find that everything is fine, the SIM card slot may be the issue. It would therefore be preferable if you fixed the SIM slot instead.

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Method 6: Check your Phone’s Contact Settings

You should check to see if the SIM card contact is enabled or not in the “Contacts” app on your phone. The contacts that you have saved on your SIM card should be visible if it is enabled.

Your SIM card is in good shape if it is not enabled, though. To view the contacts on the SIM card, you must allow that setting. If not, you must get a new SIM card.

Method 7: Disable Airplane Mode Manually

First of all, check if the Airplane Mode is indeed activated automatically or not. If you discover that the phone automatically enters “Airplane Mode,” you need to get a new SIM card.

Method 8: Reinstall or Activate the SIM Card

You can manually disable and enable a SIM card in the majority of devices. So check the SIM card settings page on your phone to make sure the SIM card is not disabled. The SIM card can then be correctly reinserted to see if it is recognized or not.

To check if the SIM is detected, you can manually enable and disable “Airplane Mode” a few times. If not, you will have to get a new SIM card.

Method 9: Take away the Adapter

In order to check if the SIM card is functioning correctly or not, you need first use it without the adapter. You can do that by placing the SIM in another phone with a suitable slot. 

If the SIM on the new phone is not functioning, the SIM is damaged. Furthermore, it would be ideal if you changed it.

Final Thoughts

In the above article, we discussed a number of circumstances from which you may determine whether a SIM card is damaged or not. Apply these scenarios if you discover that your SIM card is no longer functional.

We hoped this article was beneficial. You may also tell others about this post if you liked it. You can read our article How to Fix if a SIM Card Is Damaged: What are the Symptoms?

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