How To Fix Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003?

Every day we come across a lot of users facing the problem of GeForce error code 0x0003. But before all this, we should first get to know about this problem. During this issue, the users get a popup window written in it “something went wrong. Try rebooting your pc and then launch Geforce experience. Error code: 0x0003”. Also, there is only one option to close the dialog box available on the screen. This type of issue is generally faced by windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10 users. 

Since you are on this platform, that means you are also facing the same problem. But before solving error code 0x0003, we will first know the reason behind this problem.

Reasons behind NVIDIA experience error code 0x0003:

From all the questions of different peoples, we have come to know other reasons behind this problem. Other culprits may be causing or triggering the particular error.

  • Problem-related to the permission of Nvidia telemetry:

Sometimes there may be cases when the Nvidia telemetry container is not permitted to interact with the desktop. If this may be the case, the user may resolve the issue by using the services related to the screen and allow the interaction.

  • Corrupted drivers:

Experts have proven that the error code 0x0003 may result from specific corrupted drivers used by GPU. This issue can be rectified, and you can get rid of the error code by simply reinstalling every component of Nvidia.

  • Update interference of windows:

We also got specific reports from users who faced this error code issue caused because of windows update interference. There may be inevitable interference during the automatic update of windows with the GPU driver. But this problem can be resolved by uninstalling the current drivers and reinstalling the new one of the latest versions.

  • Nonrunning Nvidia services:

Nvidia provides many kinds of services like display service, local system container, and network service container. If, in any case, any of these is disabled, then the full Nvidia service may stop, and the error code 0x0003 may occur.

  • A glitch in network adapter:

Based on different data collected from other users, the error may result from a glitch in network adapters. If you are also facing the same problem, it can be resolved by performing a Winsock reset.

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Here are the methods that you can use to fix Geforce experience error code 0x0003:

Method 1: Allowing the Nvidia telemetry container’s interaction with desktop

Many users have complained that the issue of error code 0x0003 is the result of interaction between telemetry container and desktop. So this issue can be resolved after using the service screen to ensure that the interaction between Nvidia telemetry and desktop is allowed and ensure that the service is started.

After using the above-given solution, many users have reported that they are no longer facing the issue. So here are the steps that you can follow to allow the interaction between the telemetry container and the desktop:

  • First of all, press Windows key + R to open and run the dialog box.
  • Then type “service.msc” in the given search box and press enter. After this, if required, click on yes to grant access to administrative privileges.
  • Now inside the service screen, search for the Nvidia telemetry container.
  • After this, check the properties of the telemetry container.
  • Inside the properties, click on the log on the tab and allow interaction with the desktop. Now click on Apply to save the changes that you have made.
  • After completing the above steps, please get back to the previous screen, search for the following, and make sure they are running.
  1. Nvidia display service
  2. Nvidia network service container
  3. Nvidia local system container
  • Once all the service sari is enabled, then check if the issue is still triggering or not.

Method 2: Network setup resetting

Many professionals and researchers have proven that the Geforce experience error code 0x0003 can be resolved after the users have reset their network adapter software to the default configuration.

The other names for this step can be “winstock reset” or “comms reinstall.”

Steps that you need to follow to reset the network configuration:

  • Press Windows key + R to run the dialog box.
  • Now type “cmd” and press ctrl+ shift+ enter to open the command prompt. Now, after it gets opened, press yes to grant the permission.
  • Now here, type the following (netsh winstock reset) and then press enter. This will reset the network adapter driver.
  • Once all the above commands are successfully entered, give a restart to your device and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Reinstalling every Nvidia component:

Many users have also reported that reinstalling all the Nvidia components may be the result and solution to solve the Geforce experience error code 0x0003. Some users also claimed that reinstalling the elements and giving restart to the device have solved the issue.

Here are the steps that you can follow to reinstall the components of Nvidia:

  • Press Windows key + r to open and run the dialog box
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” and then press enter to open the programs and feature screen.
  • Now click on the publisher option available to order installed applications by their publisher inside the programmer and feature window.
  • After reordering, give a right-click on the first listing by Nvidia Corporation and then click on uninstall.
  • Repeat this procedure for every Nvidia corporation component available in the list.
  • Also, repeat this procedure with every Nvidia application installed on your device.
  • Give a quick restart to the pc and wait for the sequence of setup to complete.
  • After this, get to the Nvidia site to download new components and files.
  • Once the files and software are installed successfully, the device will automatically install the missing files too.
  • Now restart the pc and check if the problem is solved.

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Method 4: Latest graphic manually installing

Since you are on method 4, all the above methods have not still worked for you. This may result from any corrupted GPU driver that may not be allowing rectifying the error code 0x0003. So reinstalling the GPU drivers manually may solve the error.

Here are the steps that you can follow to reinstall the latest graphic manually:

  • Press Windows key + R to open and run the dialog box.
  • Now type “ appwiz.cpl,” and press enters to open the programmer and feature screen.
  • Inside the programmer and feature screen, please search for the installation setup by Nvidia and give a right-click on it. After this, click on uninstall to remove every driver related to GPU.
  • Now restart the pc once all the drivers are uninstalled.
  • Now visit the Geforce official site to search for the latest driver’s version available for your GPU configuration.
  • When you find anyone for you, download and install it.
  • Now restart the pc again and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Method 5: Nvidia driver clean installation

If all the above methods have not to the world for you, then it may be the possibility that there must be some corrupts or programs or files available in your pc. Here you can use the same setup that you have downloaded in method 4 above.

Once all the above is set up successfully, then follow the given steps:

  • Download the setup in method 4
  • Right-click on it after the download is completed, and then click on “ run as administrator.”
  • Now select “ Nvidia graphic driver and Geforce experience” and then press next.
  • Now select “custom installation.”
  • Then make sure to open “perform a clean install.”
  • After this proceeded to install.
  • Then restart your pc and check if the problem is solved.

Method 6: Create a new user account

If all the above methods failed to work for you, then, at last, you can try to create a new user account. Here first, you have to delete your existing Nvidia user account. After this, create a new account and administrative privileges and drivers. After doing so, restart the device and check if the problem persists.

So these are the most effective methods that you can use to fix the Geforce experience error code 0x0003.

So here we come to an end and have shared methods to fix the error code 0x0003. To know more about these types of problems and their solutions, stay tuned. Also, if you have any query ask us we will be there to help you out.

You can also watch this video to Fix Nvidia Geforce Experience Error 0x0003

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