Fake Vs Real: How To Spot a Fake Apple Watch?

Everyone can say different manufacturers make fake products or various companies, and Fake Apple Watch is not an exemption. The reason is to provide a convincing-copy, with the as minimum price as possible. Thus, you may have to check it wholly to save your cash from being spent on fake or counterfeit products. Therefore, in this guide tutorial, I will let you know how to tell the difference between fake or real Apple Watch.

So, How To Tell If The Apple Watch Is Fake Or Real?

You can find a fake Apple Watch Series 3, 4, or 5 by considering all the following points. You can examine some of the physical characteristics to differentiate between a fake or a real.

Check Size:

Apple gives the official dimensions for its watches as under;

  • Smaller model 38mm is 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5 mm.
  • 42mm model has 42.0 x 35.9 x 10.5mm.

Thus, it creates a challenge for fake manufacturers to reach these engineering capabilities. They make thicker products than original ones.

You can also check the weight.

  • 38mm model with stainless steel classic buckle weighs 56g.
  • 42mm model with stainless steel and link band weighs 125g.

Check Its Box:

The original box color of the original Apple Watch is white, pink, black, and blue. It has round edges that are soft in touch. If you see different color boxes, you should avoid buying that fake product.

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Backside Of Apple Watch:

All Apple watches have heart rate sensors and spec text at the rear. Apple Watch 4 has a round sensor in a diamond pattern. It colors dark on the right side, but the top and bottom sensors are white. If the arrangements are different, your Apple Watch is fake.

Check Its Interface:

Real Apple Watches come with inbuilt Apple Native Apps like phone, Settings, messages, calendars, activities, breathing, photos, and many more. Fake manufacturers can not produce the same interface, and you may not feel the same as using Apple Watch. Fake watches work slow and are not responsive.

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Check Its Packaging:

You should always check for irregularities in the product packaging. You may see the unofficial color of the box art in a fake Apple Watch. Try inspecting the charger. Most chargers of fake Apple Watch do not work at all or may not work. If the Apple Watches don’t make a little ding when you put it on the magnetic charger, it’s a fake product.

Check Its Controls:

The correct product shows you that the digital crown is on the top right side of the Apple Watch. Fake manufacturers may position it anywhere else.

Its microphone and speakers have their locations on another side of the watch. But they may have different places too.

Final Thoughts:

These all points are primary considerations to buy a real Apple Watch. By keeping these points in mind, you can tell the difference between a fake or an original Apple Watch. If you have already bought an Apple Watch, you can compare these points with your product’s configuration to check if it is fake or real.

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