Eveready Ultima Power Bank Review

Eveready Ultima power bank is creating buzz all around. This Eveready UM 100 power bank is one of the greatest choices by all those who want to charge their phone twice in a day. When it comes to looking at the battery backup provided to you by it, then Note 3 will get charged two times, and iPhone 5 will also get charged two times in a day without putting the power bank on charge for a longer duration. This is right to conclude that if your phone is available with a small battery up to 4000mah then it will get full charge twice and a half for once.

Additionally, this Power Bank charges your phone at very great speed. It is available with overcharge protection and voltage fluctuation protection as well. In case there are any of the issues arisen, it will be managed by the power bank itself. The looks of this charger are also very amazing. This power bank weighs around 531 grams. Also, the most interesting feature of the charger is it will not get discharged if left without using. This power bank comes up with a 10000 mah battery. This Power Bank heads at the top in the list when you are looking forward to a durable and reliable product.

But the cord given along with this power bank is a bit small. Also, when it comes to recharging, it almost takes two days to get charged fully. These two things make user disappoint because for recharging it, they have to wait for two days maximum. If you are among those who used to be on tour or outside for a longer duration and you do not have time to charge your phone again and again, then this power bank is the right choice for you. Additionally, you are getting the support of Eveready, which is known to be one of the most considered brands by everyone for a longer duration of time.

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