Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery Meaning and Explanation

The term “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery” indicates that your USPS mail carrier placed the box in the hands of someone else, a doorman, a neighbor, or even a coworker to deliver it to you. These people are then tasked with completing the delivery as “delivery agents.”

Continue reading to discover more about what a USPS delivery agent is, what to do if your package is delivered by a delivery agent, what a shipping agent is, and other frequently asked questions.

What Is A USPS Delivery Agent?

Despite the opulent title, a Postal Service delivery agent might be anyone who accepts and delivers a parcel on your behalf. For example, that may be a coworker, front-desk employee, roommate, or your child if they are over the age of 12. Often, postal carriers will not hire someone as a delivery agent if they do not appear to be relatively trustworthy. However, mistakes sometimes occur, and you can file a complaint with your local Post Office if you believe someone should not have been assigned as a delivery agent.

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What Do You Do If Your USPS Package Was Delivered To An Agent?

Don’t be alarmed if you’ve been watching your USPS tracking and notice that your box has been marked “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery.” With that, the place where it was delivered should indicate to you who you need to speak with. For example, if the location matches your home address, text your roommate to see if they picked up the box for you. If it arrives at your workplace, contact the office to see if they have it. Finally, if you are unsure where your parcel was delivered, contact your local Post Office and someone will assist you in locating it.

How Long Will It Take for the Agent to Deliver My Package?

There are so many different types of authorized agents, determining how long it will take for approved agents to deliver your shipment into your hands is near impossible.

If you have a “regular” delivery to authorized agents at your home, for example, you may expect the box to be on your kitchen counter or dining room table when you arrive home.

The authorized agent is almost always someone who lives in your house, who brings your package in for you and leaves it inside for you to open when you arrive.

Of course, if your item was received by an authorized agency for final delivery by a trusted coworker or neighbor, you may have to wait a little longer to obtain your package — at least until you see them again, or until you contact them and set a time to pick it up.

This does add a little more stress to the mix, but as we’ve already mentioned, this is a very rare occurrence. Most of the time, when someone takes a package on your behalf as an agent, they will want to find you and send you your box as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be responsible for anything that happens to your package, therefore they have a strong incentive to contact you as soon as possible.

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