Can you Find Deleted Facebook Accounts?

Ans:- Can you Find Deleted Facebook Accounts?

Answer:- Yes.

Are you looking for information on how to find deleted Facebook accounts? You are in the proper location. Facebook is aware of how occasionally people might be too emotional and have mood swings. In case someone wants to find deleted Facebook accounts, it keeps track of all Account Deletion Requests for a short time.

Here, we can give you all the details regarding whether can you find deleted Facebook accounts, and how can you find them.

How to Find Deleted Facebook Accounts

Method 1: Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Account Before 30 Days

There is a way to recover or restore your Facebook account if you have erased it permanently, and doing so only requires a few simple actions. 

Step 1:

Open Facebook.

Step 2:

Enter your same email address and password.

Step 3:

To access your Facebook account, press the Login option.

Step 4:

Make sure you attempt to recover a deleted Facebook account no later than 30 days after the account was deleted.

Step 5:

Only once your ID and password have been verified will a page with two deletion options that is “Cancel Deletion and Confirm Deletion” be displayed.

Step 6:

When you select “Cancel Deletion,” your Facebook account will be restored.

Step 7:

You can view all of your Facebook posts and videos on your Facebook account once this process is finished. 

We also offer alternative options if this method of finding a deleted Facebook account didn’t work for you.

Method 2: Find Deleted Facebook Accounts Using Trusted Contacts

Step 1:

Go to Facebook and sign in.

Step 2:

Access the “Security and Login” Settings page.

Step 3:

Choose 3 to 5 people to contact if you get locked out by scrolling down to that section.

Step 4:

Select “Edit” from the menu.

Step 5:

Enter the names of your reliable connections by clicking “Choose Friends”.

Step 6:

These trustworthy people you select in this final stage can assist you in recovering and locating your Facebook account. Thus, choose them only after careful consideration.

Manually Find Deleted Facebook Accounts

If you still have the mobile number you previously used for login, launch the Facebook app and enter it right away. You can enter the OTP that you will get on your mobile device to reset your password. And then use the steps listed below to reactivate your Facebook account on your desktop.

Step 1:

Open the web browser on your PC and start Facebook.

Step 2:

Specify your email or mobile number.

Step 3:

Next, enter the password. If you have lost your Facebook password, you can reset it by selecting the Forgotten Password link underneath.

Step 4:

Finally, select Login from the menu.

Step 5:

Watch for the News Feed to start. 

Step 6:

Your Facebook account is no longer inactive if your News Feed appeared as usual. That’s all, then. With your Facebook account now fully functional, everything is set.


Q:- How can I find a Facebook account that was deleted?

Ans:- You can find a deleted Facebook account if you’ve removed it within the past 30 days. However, you cannot if your Facebook account was deactivated earlier than 30 days. Simply sign in to to access a deleted account.

Q:- After deletion, can a Facebook account be restored?

Ans:- Yes, after 30 days of deletion, you can recover your Facebook account.

Q:- After a year, how can a Facebook account be recovered?

Ans:- Your Facebook account has been destroyed permanently and cannot be recovered for a year. The only way to restore it is if you have a backup of every piece of information pertaining to your Facebook account and your login information.

Q:- How long is a deleted account on Facebook kept?

Ans:- Your Facebook account and all of its data are kept in Facebook’s database for a period of 30 days. Your whole account’s information will be erased from the database after 30 days.

Final Thoughts

Finally discovered Can you Find Deleted Facebook Accounts from this post. Unless you are absolutely certain of your decision, it is generally better to deactivate your Facebook account before requesting its deletion. 

This is due to the fact that deactivating a Facebook account is significantly simpler than recovering a deleted Facebook account.

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