The Best TV Wall Mounts For 2022

Solid wall support is necessary to fix your TV once and for all without risking seeing it fall… Finally, it is better to put 50 or 100$ in a reliable model rather than having to buy a TV for a multiple of this price!

This is the subject of this buying guide which provides an overview of the best TV wall mount brackets of the moment according to your budget.

#1. Vogel’s WALL 3245: the best TV swivel arm on the market?


Very found in small rooms to save space, the TV wall mount has undergone certain changes over the years, and is found even in our living rooms. Many brands compete for this new market, but there are some much more specialized than others. As here, Vogel’s brand is an expert in the field of support (speakers, screens, video projectors, flat screens, etc.), and has been practicing in its sector for more than 40 years. Among its products is the Vogel’s WALL 3245, adjustable TV wall mount.

The strong points

Quality wall mounts: As said above, Vogel’s brand has been in this field for over 40 years. It specializes in speaker stands, screens, video projectors, monitors, etc. Over the years, it has continuously improved its systems to provide the best products on the market. This is felt with this model, both ingenious, practical, and of quality.

Articulated arm: This model is not just a simple TV wall mount. It is a swivel and swiveling TV wall mount thanks to an articulated arm. In other words, this TV wall mount will offer many possibilities in terms of point of view. You can rotate the screen down or up, left or right, depending on your wishes.

Very practical: This swivel arm for TV is very practical since it allows you to fully enjoy your TV wherever you are in the room. For example, your TV is installed facing the sofa, but you have to prepare something in the open kitchen, to the left of the sofa. Thanks to this TV wall mount, you can simply orient your TV in your direction, so as not to miss anything about your favorite shows, series, or films.

Universal compatibility: All the brand’s TV wall mounts are compatible with the VESA standard, which is an international standard defining the fixing centers for flat screens. In the case of this model, it is compatible with practically all 32 to 55 inch flat screens of different types (LED, OLED, HDTV, 4K, LCD, Plasma, Smart), and all brands (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, etc.).

Easy installation: Rest assured, the installation of this support is very easy, it will not even take an hour. It comes pre-assembled, with all the required screws, and of course with an installation manual. Even better, an augmented reality application (Android, iOS) is even available and will show you the ideal height of your support on your wall.

The weak points

Accessories: It is a bit of a shame that, despite its fairly high price and the fact that it is a high-end product, this support does not come with a number of accessories, such as a spirit level for installation, or an HDMI cable, etc., unlike what is found in the competition.

#2.PERLEGEAR: Best Value For Money


If you are looking for a TV wall mount that can adapt to much larger screens, but you are not too hot to spend a hundred euros for such an article, the Perlegear brand probably has what you need. Available for less than 50 euros, this TV wall mount is far from being a poor quality product. On the contrary, this model reaped many positive returns with its very good quality/price ratio. It is designed to support flat screens from 37 to 70 inches. You could say that there is no shortage of arguments in this product.

The strong points

Complete accessories: The first thing you will discover when unpacking the product is that it is complete, delivered with a bunch of accessories. In addition to the support, you will obviously have the fixing screws and dowels, the manual, but you will also find a 3-axis spirit level that will assist you during installation, and even a 1.8 m high-speed HDMI cable of long.

Easy installation: The installation of this TV wall mount is particularly easy, and takes only about thirty minutes. This model is compatible with the VESA standard (600 x 400, 400 x 400, 400 x 300, 300 x 300, 300 x 200, 200 x 200, 200 x 100. You just need to check that your TV has one of these fixing centers, and an installation video is also available to guide you step by step during assembly.

Ultra-resistant: According to the technical data of the brand, this TV wall mount is robust enough to support a TV up to 60 kg. Which is already quite huge. But it turns out that this support has even been tested to support 4 times this weight in which it is classified according to UL standards. Also, if you do a quick count, this model is even capable of supporting a weight of up to 240 kg. It remains to be seen if anyone will actually test this.

Optimal viewing angles: This TV wall mount is both swivel and adjustable. To be more precise, it can tilt 15 ° and 5 ° up, and rotate up to 90 °. A plus on this model, it also offers a possible rotation of about 3 °, which will allow you to apply an even more upright position for your screen, or to correct some assembly errors.

Discreet: Despite its appearance after unpacking, once installed, this TV wall mount is really very discreet, you don’t even notice it so that the screen seems to float. It looks great in the living room (or any other room where you install it).

The weak points

Installation manual: We looked for what could represent a negative point for this product, we must admit that we had a lot of trouble. But finally, if you really have to quibble, we will accuse the installation manual which has not been translated into French. But even this point is not so important, since it is well illustrated with all the necessary diagrams, and there is a video tutorial available online.

#3. INVIONS: a cheap but reliable TV wall mount


It is perfectly normal to look for a cheap product, especially when you see the prices displayed on high-end products. In all sectors, regardless of the product, there will always be a product that is cheaper than the others. The same goes for TV wall mounts. The main thing is to ensure the good quality of the model. We have just searched for you the cheapest TV wall mount capable of offering the quality and robustness necessary to properly support your TV, and we have found this model of Invision. Here are some characteristics of this unbeatable value for money model.

The strong points

Price: We can assure you that this model is among the cheapest on the market, but also that the quality/price ratio advanced by it is almost unbeatable. Available at just over 20 euros, delivered with an HDMI cable and a spirit level, it must be admitted that it is really difficult to do better.

Design: One of the good points of this model, is also its ultra-thin design which makes the whole discreet and particularly classy. Indeed, there are rather designs loaded with the competition, especially among manufacturers who rely heavily on the robustness of the product. Here, it is not that robustness has been put aside, the brand has simply brought just the right amount, given that our screens today are no longer so heavy.

Robust: Precisely, speaking of robustness, this model has been designed in SPCC carbon and benefits from a premium matt black protective powder finish. Despite its ultra-thin design, this model is nevertheless robust enough to support a load up to 36.2 kg. The 25-year warranty offered by the brand also says a lot about the product’s robustness and reliability.

Multidirectional adjustment: It is a curved TV wall mount or flat-screen which offers several positioning possibilities, thanks to a possible pivoting up to 180 ° from left to right, but also a possible tilting of 8 ° downwards and less than 5 ° upwards. This will allow you to find the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the room.

Versatile: This model offers wide compatibility with flat-screen TV models, especially those whose VESA is between 100 x 100 and 400 x 400 mm

The weak points

Fixing screws: Some users have found it unfortunate that they have to drill 4 10 cm holes in reinforced concrete to be able to install the fixing dowels. However, this does not detract from the quality of the product. If your wall is also made of reinforced concrete, think about getting more suitable screws.

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How to install a TV wall mount?

Since their appearance, TV wall brackets have attracted more and more households, due to their many qualities. They offer this illusion that the screen floats in the air, it also offers a certain saving of space since it no longer needs a TV stand, and it also allows to orient the TV in the desired position (for some models). But how exactly do you install a TV wall mount? Here is some information you may find useful.

Some tips for installing a TV wall mount

Generally speaking, a TV wall mount is divided into two parts, the first of which will be screwed to the wall, and the other which will be screwed to 4K or Full HD TV. This split into two parts greatly facilitates assembly, which is why it is often found on most models. The installation of the first part is not complicated, just determine the location of the support on the wall, present the support on it, mark the location of the holes, drill, install the dowels fixing, and screw.

The installation of the second part to be screwed on the TV is just as simple, just identify the holes in the support that correspond to those of the TV (VESA), or make the necessary adjustment on the support, and screw. Once done, you will have to connect the two parts, often using bolts. Here, it is rather recommended to go for two, already for more security, but also for a much simpler and faster installation.

Of course, this is just for information, nothing beats the instructions provided in the assembly manual. In some cases, the manufacturer also provides an online video tutorial, which is much more intuitive and practical.

How to choose a TV wall mount?

More space, better appearance, better viewing comfort, no more need for a TV stand, there are many reasons to choose a TV wall mount. The small concern is that there are many models on the market, and you can quickly find yourself literally spoiled for choice. That said, we can also turn this situation to our advantage: we can compare the products with each other, in order to find the model that will really adapt to our needs, our expectations and our budget. To achieve this, it is important to know a few selection criteria.

Choose according to your needs

You should know that there are different types of TV wall mounts. We have particularly fixed models and articulated models. The former are very simple and are logically less expensive than the latter, which uses a much more complex system to allow the various articulations of the support. It is up to you to choose whether you want a simply fixed TV wall mount or an articulated model that will offer you the possibility of adjusting the viewing angle as desired. Indeed, an articulated model has a system allowing to advance or move back the TV support, to pivot it to the left or the right, up or down.

Choose according to the weight of your TV

As this is a tool that will support the weight of your TV, it is also important to inquire about the maximum weight that the TV support can carry. True, today’s TVs are getting lighter and lighter. But choosing a model with a certain capacity also allows you to be reassured about its robustness and reliability. For example, if the TV mount is capable of supporting a TV up to 60 kg, while yours weighs only 20 kg, you can be sure that your TV wall mount will not move an iota.

Choose according to the compatibility of the TV wall mount

Most manufacturers design their products according to the VESA standard, an international standard determining the distance of the fixing centers (holes) on the TV. We can find different values ​​(100 x 100, 200 x 200, 300 x 300, 400 x 300, 400 x 400, etc.) depending on the TV. Remember to check that the TV wall mount is compatible with your TV. It is also better to choose a model compatible with a wide choice of TV, because you may have to change the TV later.

This compatibility also concerns the size of your TV screen (32 inches, 55 inches, etc.). Again, TV support must be compatible, and it will be better to choose support offering broad compatibility. For example, you currently have a 32-inch screen, but you may well acquire a larger TV later.

Choose according to the position possibilities

If you choose a swivel and tilting TV wall mount, be aware that the position possibilities may not be the same from one model to another. For example, one model allows rotation up to 180 ° from left to right, while possible rotation on another model is only 90 ° from left to right. The values ​​can also be different at the level of the tilt (down, up), and the extension (forward, back). It’s up to you to choose according to your needs and expectations.

Choose an easy to install model

Finally, it is always better to choose a model that is easy to install, and comes with all the necessary accessories, such as fixing screws and plugs, the assembly manual, etc. Note that some models even come with a spirit level for more precise mounting, an augmented reality application always to assist you during mounting, a longer HDMI cable, etc. Some manufacturers also provide a video tutorial showing step by step the various stages of assembly.

You may watch this video to Install TV Wall Mount

Last Word

While purchasing the TV wall mount don’t forget to check the customer’s reviews about the products. Customer reviews help you to buy quality products.

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