Top 11 Best Sound Effect Apps for Android and iOS

sound effect apps

Top progressive tools for your mobile to add Sound Effect

Music is one of the best sources to relax your mind, with the help of recent technologies even you can compose and edit the composed music on your handy technology. If you are loved to listen to music with different effects, you can try out your impressions on music editing app.  Are you looking for top mobile Sound Effect Apps for your mobile? Check out the following listed music editing apps.

Increase your music to experience the effects of sound

#1: DJ sound effects & Ringtones – Android/ iTunes

DJ Sound effects and ringtones

You can find this application on the Android application store and also in the iTunes application store. Specifically, this app allows you to enjoy the collection of free music with the Cool DJ effect. You can set any tone from the collection as ringtone for unique contact or common for entire contact, alarm tone or notification tone on your phone.

#2: 100 Sound Buttons –Android / iTunes

100 Sound buttons

It is a famous app used by many people due to its sound effectiveness. You can play a different style of music in a different path as prank, funny, annoying and in other journals of music. You can set the annoying music and amazing music as a favorite to make perfect noise with the combination of your favorite music. Even you can create your favorite music with sound effects to set an as unique ringtone.  You can find this application on both Android and iPhone application store to prank others for fun.

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#3: Gun shot sound – iTunes / Android

Gun Shot sound

The application specially designed to produce virtual gun effects; the sound effect from the app will make fun on some time and save you on the harsh situations. It is a special effect sound from the huge collection of gun sounds.  You can find this application from both the Android application store and the iPhone application store. You can select any one of gunshot sound from the collection of sound as a ringtone or notification tone to make your surroundings to feel fun.

#4: Scary Sound Effects – Android / iTunes

Scary sound effects

It is a special unique application to create scary sounds on your handy Smartphone. Most people use this app to make scary and prank with their friends and family, even you can try out that to prank others. Processing and accessing the application is simple and easy to select any particular sound among 40 different scary sound effects. You can set the special scary sound as a ringtone for unique contact, and notification for other apps.

#5: Cartoon Sound effects – Android / iTunes

Cartoon sound effect

The app is considered as one of the best sound apps among the list of apps due to its effects of sound and high quality of music. A feature of the app contains different cartoon sounds, most of the people love cartoon characters, you can set any music from the app as a ringtone and notification tone to make fun and entertain others. You can select and create music from the app according to the cartoon faces. The application is available on both the Android application store and the iPhone application store.

#6: Halloween Spooky Sound – iTunes / Android

halloween sound board

The special feature of the app is containing moiré than 50 sounds with the collection of different music journal as Scary sound, spooky music, horror tone, ghostly voices. The amazing play button from the app will sound the music contains Scary SFX and spooky sound. A big benefit of this app is you can play music without accessing on the internet. The application is supportable for Android and iPhone Smartphone to easily edit and create unlimited horror music.

#7: Animal Sounds – iTunes / Android

animal sound

This app has a list of different animal sounds you can allow the sound effects from the app to set as keypad tone. Use this app to have fun by playing animal sound, even you can use this app to teach your kid to know about differentiation of animal sounds. By teaching the animal sounds your baby can identify sounds of the animal at the age of the kid.

#8: Voice Changer – Android/ iTunes

Voice changer with effects

It’s an amazing and only the one app available on Android and iPhone application store to change your voice and user voice on Smartphone. By accessing this you can record voice, edit else adding sound effects on the voice in simple steps. A beneficial feature of the app is you can share the saved, edited tone to others through different sharing sites and applications. You can edit the voice and music to set as a ringtone or other notification tone on your Smartphone.

#9: My Talking Tom – Android/ iTunes

My talking tom

The app is developed by Outfit7 to make kids to adopt the virtual baby kitten from the app to repeat the voice how pronounced. It has the ability to listen by recording your audio and repeat the word on the same tone, even it makes adult go back to their kid age. The facilities of recording, changing voice effect, saving and sharing the audio file within the friends’ circle will be possible.

#10: Equalizer – Android / iTunes


The app offers the facility to add different sound effects on music; you can edit any song from the list. It is most famous among the current generation people to edit the quality of sound from music, volume of tone and song from Sound Effect Apps. The app re-allows you to re-edit the music which you have saved already through Spotify and Soundcloud accounts.

#11: The Whip sound – Android/ iTunes

The wipe sound

This app is most famous for sound effects, the app available on the Android Google Play store and iOS application store. The effects of sound produced by the app will be hilarious, embarrassing and inappropriate sound from your phone. The sounds from the application are mostly preferred to create fun music and prank to your closest persons. Even you can change the sound effects from the application by shaking the mobile. You can find an option to share the saved voice records to your contacts and friends through image sharing websites.

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