Top 5 Best Power Bank Under 1000 Rupees

Updated on 22nd, June 2020

In the modern world, technology becomes more advanced and all the technical needs are increasing day by day. Smartphone becomes our sixth finger plays an important role in our daily needs. As we are busy with our work along with cell phones, we don’t have time to put this in charge, or we forget to charge our phone.

The use of Power bank becomes the best solution for this type of charging problem. It is essential to find the best, compact, and fit to carry model power bank for regular use. Here is the list of top 5 Best power bank under 1000 Rupees to choose for your gadget models without killing your budget. The power bank ensures your travel needs & best choice for emergency charging.

#1: Mi-Power bank 2i with 10000mAH

It’s a product from Xiamoi Company. The product looks classy and made with aluminum body helps to protect from any scratches with edge finish looks the Power bank premium and stylish in model and design.

This model is available with variant colors perfect to fit in jeans with a size of 2.8X5.7 inch easy to carry. The slim beauty and compact size features fit your pocket.


  • Protects from overcharge, over-discharge, over-voltage, & no heating during charging
  • Made with lithium-polymer
  • Inbuilt overcharge protection prevents short circuit damages
  • Fast charging battery in turbocharging and power bank transfer charge
  • 10000 mAH battery capacity helps for 3 times charging


  • Stylish and compact design fit to the pocket
  • Easy to carry & easy to handle
  • Fits the budget with many salient features and protection states.

#2: Ambrane PP-11 Power bank

Ambrane model power bank is the slim model power bank made with solid material that enables us to hold, carry & handle easily. The product is made of plastic model coated with rubberized material that helps in the protection of scratches.

The Power bank designed with C port USB type delivers the best charging rate of about 85% delivery in 10000mAH capacity is the best feature to choose this model.

It is compact, stylish, a scratch-free model with maximum output quality fits within your budget.


  • 10,000 mAH lithium battery
  • Dual Input type of Micro USB and USB Port C type
  • Durable, safe and reliable battery
  • Available in two colors: Red & Black


  • Lightweight, compact design and high-speed charging delivers a maximum output
  • Most stylish & compact designs fit your budget & Pocket.
  • Delivers maximum output with minimum budget
  • Suitable for Smartphone, Bluetooth speakers, Audio chargers, tablets, and other USB model devices

#3: ROCK ITP 106

Rock ITP is the best quality low budget model uncompromised in quality. The model is made with a rubberized material that helps for protection from scratches. The battery capacity is 13,000 mAH which differs from usual 10,000 mAH.

The company is not compromised in the brand, quality, and performance. The product features with two USB ports enable 2 different device charges simultaneously.

It is a premium scratch-free quality brand model with many salient features and maximum output quality fits suits for your budget.


  • 13,000 mAH lithium battery
  • 325 g perfect to fit in the pocket
  • Output Ports : 2 USB port – micro & C-type
  • 75% conversion rate on maximum output delivery


  • Dual Input type USB port of Micro USB & C-type enables 2 devices charging simultaneously
  • Easy to carry during travel time
  • Perfectly fit with all gadgets

#4: UBRN UPRK Lithium Polymer Power bank

This model power bank is ultra-slim compact in size and better performance in output delivery. The perfect model suits your budget and handbag.

The most stylish and sleek design comes with 2 USB charger made of lithium polymer power bank perfect for travel. Easy to carry, fit with pocket, easy to handle are the additional features to choose with this model.


  • 0A USB port charger helps for faster-charging speed
  • 10,000 mAH lithium battery delivers the output capacity of 6500mAH batter
  • Perfect to fit in pocket, handbag, jeans
  • Weightless model of about 180g weight


  • Lightweight, compact design and high-speed charging delivers a maximum output
  • Comes with 9 layers of circuit helps for the protection of overheat, and in short circuit
  • Stylish power bank suitable for Smartphone, Gadgets, Amazon USB port devices, Bluetooth speakers, etc.,

#5: Intex IT-PB Power bank of 11000 mAH

Intex is a unique model power bank designed with multiple USB ports along with the torch. A solid quality product that is available in two variant colors of your choice.

The model is designed with blue LED indicators of Power on/off, 3 USB port charging, LED torch light, charging indicator, and great output efficiency.


  • 0A USB port charger helps for fast charging speed
  • Designed with LED indicator along with LED torch
  • 3 USB port provides great output efficiency


  • A premium look, sturdy design, compact charges suitable for 3 devices charging at a time.
  • Good value for money
  • Fast Charging & no heating at the time of charging
  • Suitable for all Gadget models

I hope these best pick models of top 5 best power bank under Rs.1000/- with an extended warranty, perfect fit for pocket and budget, stylish design, more efficiency definitely helps to choose the better choice for your gadget.

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