Best Phone Games That’ll Keep You Busy For Hours

What are the best phone games to immerse yourself in an unreal world? There are mobile games that you can pass in one evening. But sometimes there is a desire to immerse yourself in the game and get stuck in it for weeks or even months. The problem is that not all games are worth such attention.

Let’s consider the Top cool phone games of different genres that will keep you busy for hours. Choose what you like.

15 Best Phone Games For 2021

Phone Games 2020

#1. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

The piercing story from Ubisoft can affect every part of the soul. The game reveals the theme of World War I. But all this is done so filigree, that even those who are far from battles and bombings, can immerse themselves in the stories of the main characters. And there are several of them. And each story is unique in its way.

If you find the war theme uninteresting, do not hurry to write off this app. What game can keep you for hours? When you play a visual novel or save the world from villains? The best phone games should be like this. The meaning of Valiant hearts lies much deeper. It’s so deep that after the finale, tears roll out of your eyes involuntarily.

The game is often sold at a great discount or you can download it for free. It is important to catch the moment.

#2. 80 Days

What are the best mobile phone games? 80 Days is an unusual game, the plot of which is based on the novel by Jules Verne “Around the world in 80 days”. The player is invited to go on an exciting journey, where you need to show your courage and ingenuity. The main character must win the argument and go around, fly around the entire globe in 80 days.

#3. Monument Valley

Puzzles are the best games for your phone because that’s where you can test your wit for strength. Monument Valley interactive game in the form of a strange fairy tale deserves everyone’s attention.

The user controls the Princess IDA, who found herself in the silent valley of monuments. How and why? The game itself will answer these questions. Or maybe it won’t because it’s really weird.

#4. Soccer Manager 2020

Some guys dream of becoming famous football players, and others — to have their football club and push the first. It is for such dreamers the new Soccer simulator Soccer Manager 2020 is designed. In the game, everything happens as in life: you will have to collect the teams of players and deal with their transfer, monitor training, the health of players, prepare tactical plans for the game, and expand your stadium.

It is cool that the Manager is not limited to tables, and you can follow the matches in real-time with quite good graphics. All football clubs and players match their real prototypes. This fact allows you to immerse yourself in the game even more. Soccer Manager 2020 will not leave indifferent any fans of thoughtful simulators, or fans of football, and will be a real find for each of them.

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#5. Subway Surf

What phone games are suitable even for a child? It is worth looking at Subway Surf. All you have to do here is run forward, overcoming obstacles. A great runner to take your mind off problems. And with the collected coins, you can buy new boards, superpowers, or choose a different character.

#6. Cooking Fever

The best games for your phone are casual, in which you can pass new levels day by day and perform some simple tasks. So Cooking Fever has become one of them.

You become the owner of a small cafe and work as a cook in it. You need to cook for your clients and use the money you collect to improve your kitchen and interior.

#7. Jelly Splash

Three in a row are the best phone games on the Android and iPhone. Here you need to move the cute jellies and collect them by color. A huge number of levels will not let you get bored!

#8. Cube Escape

Indie games are the best games on your phone for those who love everything unusual and atmospheric. Cube escape will appeal to those who love to get out of unknown places, where there is nothing more than a concrete wall and one inscription on it. But by gradually uncovering puzzles, the player is led to even more riddles. But in the end, he finds a way out!

#9. Hay Day

Cool farm for those who would like to get their farm, even if it is still virtual. Grow chickens, cows, wheat, strawberries, and other vegetables and fruits. Take care of your territory and Pets!

#10. House of Fear

A fascinating logical quest with elements of horror will appeal to those who adore such themes. In all ways, the player needs to get out of the scary house. To get a hint, you need to look at even the smallest details.

#11. Plague inc

Feel like a grey cardinal and implement a dangerous virus into the world. The best phone games are the ones where you rule the universe. Day after day and hour after hour, the population will be hit by an unexplored disease. And it’s only in your power to speed this up or stop it.

#12. Limbo

An unusual world in gloomy tones captivates and makes you worry about a little boy who is looking for his sister. Help the main character through the puzzles, escape from his boss, and find peace.

#13. Lep’s Word

LEP’s Word is similar to the famous Mario game, only it is about leprechauns. You find yourself in a wonderful and colorful world where everything is blooming and fragrant. Complete levels, fight bosses, and help the main character find the Princess of his dreams!

#14. Spiritwish

Guide your characters through the colorful world of the game, filled with mysterious dungeons and challenges, fight monsters, get the best magic items, and download the latest skills. There is always something to do in the world of Spiritwish. And when it comes to mass raids, you should start to fear for your social life — the game can deprive you of sleep and take up a lot of time.

#15. GRID ™ Autosport

This is probably the best mobile game in the genre of racing. It is distinguished from its closest competitors by several things at once. Unrealistically cool graphics, as many as a hundred models of the cars themselves, each of which has a real prototype. And a hundred different maps, so as not to get bored. But the main thing is how you feel the car on the road.

The developers managed to find a balance between the simulator and the arcade so that each race brings a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline. Turn the ignition key, push the gas pedal to the floor and reach the top in several racing competitions at once, including “Formula 1 Races”, street races, drift, and many others.

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