One Hand Gaming Keyboards – ULTIMATE Guide

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In some cases, a keyboard alone will not be enough for a player. This may be due to either a lack of comfort or a lack of functionality.

Fortunately, there is a solution: one-hand keypads!

These handy little gadgets are one of those accessories you don’t think you will need before trying them out.

While ordinary keyboards are simply numeric keypads designed to complement more compact keyboards that do not include one of them in their main body, one-handed gaming keyboards are designed to be ergonomic and functional. Not only do they have the default buttons that you will see on a keyboard, but they also tend to have additional utility buttons to boot.

Are you ready to streamline your gaming experience and are you looking for the ideal one-hand keyboard to meet your needs? Fortunately for you, we have compiled this list of the best 2022 one-hand keyboards!

Which One is The Best Gaming Keyboard? (Top 4 One Hand Gaming Keyboards)

#1. Razer Tartarus Chroma

About the Keyboard

What better way to launch a list of gaming gadgets than with a Razer product? This company defined game accessories and made RGB consumer lighting, but also took a little slack because of their generally too high price. However, there is no denying that each Razer product has two key characteristics: quality and aesthetics.

The Razer Tartarus Chroma is no different. This is the basic one-hand keyboard of the new Razer series of these products, the other two of which will be discussed below. It supports a smooth matte black exterior, as well as the Razer logo on the palm rest, a set of 15 RGB backlit face keys in addition to those placed on the right side for thumb use.

Specs Overview

Keys – The one-hand keyboard has a total of 25 keys that can be fully customized to allow you to run each macro and easily press each important shortcut key. It also has an 8-way pad that can be used both for movement or as a modifier key that lets you switch between up to 8 different configurations.

Design – In addition to the stylish exterior, the one-hand keyboard is designed to be as ergonomic as possible. This includes an adjustable wrist rest and the angled front keys in the bottom row.

Lighting – As mentioned above, RGB lighting is an integral part of Razer’s product identity. As such, this one hand keyboard incorporates their Chroma lighting which is fully customizable, covering the entire spectrum of colors, and which can operate in a number of preset or custom modes.

The Cons

Membrane keyboard – Despite its high price, the keys on this one-hand keyboard are membrane rather than mechanical. Mechanical keys are by no means a must for the game, but including them here would have been desirable, especially considering that there are low-budget mechanical keyboards that you can get for the same amount.

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#2. Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma

About the Keyboard

As the name suggests, the Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma is an update of the “original” Tartarus Chroma described above, with a number of similarities and differences.

Visually, it doesn’t look very different. It is slightly larger but looks almost identical to the basic Tartarus one-hand keyboard, with the exception of the highly visible scroll wheel and its drastically lower price.

Specs Overview

The keys – The biggest and most important difference between the Tartarus and the Tartarus V2 is the fact that the latter has hybrid mecha-membrane keys. These combine the tactile feel and actuation points of a mechanical key with the accessibility and smoothness of a membrane key. And, as mentioned above, it also adds a scroll wheel in the lower right corner.

Design – The Tartarus V2 takes the original shape and geometry of the Tartarus, although it has a prominent leather cushion at the wrist rest. In addition, the keys are shaped to incorporate a concave surface, making it easier to use while your wrist rests on the cushion.

Lighting – Nothing has changed in this regard, as the Tartarus V2 also has the fully customizable Razer Chroma backlight.

The Cons

Bulky – The extra row of buttons at the bottom has dramatically increased the size of the Tartarus V2 compared to the V1. That said, you will need to move your hand if you want to reach each row comfortably.

#3. Razer Orbweaver Chroma

About the Keyboard

Finally, we come to Razer’s most prominent solution. The Razer Orbweaver Chroma remains faithful to the quality and functionality offered by the two previous Tartarus models but also improves them.

Visually, it doesn’t look much different, except for the extra row of keys at the bottom. Most importantly, these keys are fully mechanical and use Razer’s own mechanics.

Specs Overview

Keys – The Orbweaver has a total of 30 programmable keys, all of the front keys being mechanical, as shown above. This technology allows a much more reactive and pleasant experience than that offered by the membrane keys.

The design – Again, as mentioned in the introduction, the Orbweaver is almost identical to the Tartarus models, although it is much closer to the base model than the updated Tartarus V2. The most notable differences are the extra row of keys and the textured wrist rest.

Lighting – Naturally, this product also uses Chroma RGB backlighting and takes full advantage of its customization and various effects.

The Cons

Expensive – There’s no denying that the Orbweaver is very expensive, but it’s nothing new with high-end Razer products.

#4. Logitech G13

About the Keyboard

The next product on our list comes from Logitech, a versatile company that is known for making multiple types of high-quality gaming peripherals. The Logitech G13 is no different, as it is a first-class hand-held gaming keyboard that does almost everything you need.

The most obvious feature of this one-hand keyboard that sets it apart from the rest is its discreet black and white LCD screen. Aside from that, it has an obvious ergonomic design that includes everything from the wrist and wrist rest to the buttons themselves.

Specs Overview

The keys – The Logitech G13 has a total of 25 keys, of which 22 are the membrane keys on the front. The front keys are designed to be easily accessible, some with concave surfaces that make it easier to hold a key and to perceive where the key is. In addition, the analog stick is easy to use and very responsive, whether you prefer to use it for characters or for camera movements.

The design – The one-handed gaming keyboard is mostly black, interspersed with dark gray highlights that blend well with the base color. As mentioned above, it is designed to be ergonomic and you can easily reach any of the buttons without much effort.

Lighting – The G13 has a simple multi-color backlight. While he can’t boast of the eye-catching and elegant effects of Razer’s Chroma, he does his job of lighting up the keyboard admirably.

The LCD screen – The small screen on the top of the one-hand keyboard is certainly the distinguishing feature of the G13. It’s a simple LCD screen with its own backlight that shows important game data for easy viewing. In addition, the screen color changes to match the current button backlight color.

The Cons

The screen only works with certain games – If you want to make sure the handy LCD screen will be able to provide information regarding the game you are currently playing, it would be best to check if it is compatible with it here.

How to Choose the Best One Hand Gaming Keyboard

Everyone has different tastes and requirements, which is why we will devote this section to the aspects of a keyboard that you should pay attention to.

The type of key

The question of whether you should use a membrane hand keyboard or a mechanical hand keyboard has been on the minds of many modern gamers.

Most immediately claim that mechanical keys are superior in every way, but that is not necessarily true.

Mechanical keys do not need to be pressed fully to register a keypress, which makes them much more pleasant to use both when typing and when playing. On the other hand, some keyboards can be quite noisy and each decent mechanical hand keyboard comes with a fairly high price.

Membrane keys are cheaper, and this is their main advantage over mechanical keys. In terms of function, these are more complex, more durable, and their only practical flaw is that they tend to be noisier than the membrane keys, as noted above.

In the end, let your budget dictate the type of keyboard a hand you get and don’t dwell on the so-called “better response time” you get with mechanical keys, as these are only slightly better, to an almost imperceptible degree.

Games you usually play

Then you have to consider the games with which you will use the one-hand keyboard. These products are most popular with FPS, MMO, and MOBA games. So what should you watch out for?

If you play a lot of FPS or other action games, your biggest priorities are comfort and accessibility. Your hand will spend a lot of time resting on the keyboard, so it should not only be comfortable but also give you quick and easy access to all the important keys.

If you prefer MMO or MOBA, the main application of a one-handed keyboard here is to let you execute macros and specific abilities in a quick and easy way. As such, the keyboard must obviously have programmable keys or it will not support combinations of commands with a single keypress.


Beyond the subjective requirements and preferences, which of the aforementioned one-hand keyboards can be considered the best overall?

Our answer is the Razer Tartarus V2.

It is a complete and balanced product with a few practical additional features and is well suited for action games and RPG games. In addition, its hybrid keys combine the best of both worlds: the tactile feedback of mechanical keys and the affordability of membrane keys.

But of course, you should always keep your own needs in mind before making the purchase. If you do that, you just can’t go wrong with any of the above products.

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