10 Best Hidden Messages Apps for Android in 2022

Mobile app improvements have contributed to a range of approaches that allow enterprises worldwide to achieve a new market. The new ideas and inventions provide applications that provide consumers with tremendous value. However, as apps and users alike expand, further data robbery results.

The protection of data and protection is a question that needs to be taken into account immediately. Society today is the product of past controversies.

Top 10 Hidden Messages Apps for Android – Secret Texting Apps

#1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

The private text program is beneficial since such hidden text applications’ services cannot reach communications. The software never saves details and uses a protocol for high-end encryption. There are more than 1.4 billion subscribers. Few attributes are:

  • Cryptographic open-source protocols
  • Audio Renderer Recover
  • No messages are held on servers

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#2. Silence


A very sound secret Android MMS & SMS test program. Without fear of privacy infringement, it will communicate openly with contacts. The Android hidden messages software helps you to exchange media through protected networks in multiple formats.

  • Open source and free application
  • Contact done by encrypted messages
  • Link to the Internet is not mandatory.

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#3. Threema

The best mobile App for the unlimited competition to mask text messages. You will use the software as an anonymous user and make secure voice calls back-to-back. Using the App on PCs and mobile and protecting all data from creating and hacking third parties.

The App has more than 3.5 million users who benefit from the App. Here are a few features of the App:

  • Enables the format multi-file
  • Users will perform surveys using the creative polling feature
  • Submit messages in voice & text

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#4. Viber


Apps that look like safe and comfortable games are one of the most widely used. You will make free high-quality calls using such chatting applications. The program needs a data plan or WIFI link.

  • There are over 1,000,000 subscribers worldwide.
  • Align with tablets and desktops effortlessly
  • Hidden chats with the role of self-destruction
  • Build a group of Viber members

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#5. Telegram


The App heads the list of hidden text applications you’d like to see. You will link people to data center networks around the world. The software helps users to view the messages on the networks by syncing data over multiple devices. 

  • File exchange & texting is unlimited
  • Video and photo editing software are available
  • Supports several accounts in full
  • Symmetrical AES 256-bit encryption is used to encrypt messages

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#6. Wire


It is the application that relies solely upon safe communications among several brands & organizations. For them, the secured chat app is the best alternative. All data is encrypted by the private messaging App, though European privacy laws cover all data.

  • Provides secure sharing of files
  • Crypton constantly
  • Enables calling and recording
  • Link to different accounts

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#7. Hide SMS

Android hidden text software will best mask private messages. The software helps you to store individual contacts as hidden and quick and clear storing of MMS, call logs, SMS of unspotted contacts under the PIN pad.

  • You can open PSB with any web browser
  • Protection of Privacy
  • Auto backup automatically
  • A private inbox without an interface icon
  • Stock app messages oscillate
  • Incoming and outgoing messages are automatically secreted
  • It is possible to send free text unlimited to other users.

#8. Kibo

Apple users can use the App. As it hides on the keyboard, the method of the hidden chat app is different. In regular text messages, hidden messages are encoded.

Users can tap messages for a long time, display the keyboard contents and read the secret Kibo messages. Few attributes are:

  • No fee included
  • It fits for messenger and WhatsApp
  • Configuration of Touch ID & passcode
  • Sending messages non-secret

#9. Blur Chat

Apple users may only access the software. Tap ID & face recognition is also provided. After the recipient confirms the identity via these features, only the recipient can read your secret messages.

  • Mask real details by modifying the contact image and name
  • Possible deletion of message and image
  • Automatic messages disruption

#10. Ringid

It will make your social life incredibly happen if you come into the category of top-secret text applications. That is so you can explore the global audience through live features in media and music management choices.

  • The choice for person friend permits
  • Users should produce and retain different circles
  • A timer to auto-destruct messages


Hidden texting programs are various. To find the right one, tune the specifications of the App down. Maybe you want a protected messaging app or an app to delete regular messages, etc. You would try recruiting advanced and top-notch developers from the developer’s viewpoint.

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