Best Streaming Sites In Canada With Safe Streaming Tips

2020 has come, and we are about to cross the year’s first month which is quite long and boring too. So, I have decided not to let boredom take over us and that’s the reason I am writing this blog. 

In our today’s guide, I will help you know the best free streaming sites where you can watch exotic movies and shows throughout the year. 

But, keep in mind that free streaming sites might cause damage to your data and device therefore, don’t forget to get connected to a VPN for secure online streaming. 

If you don’t have time to search for the best online VPN then here’s a quick view for you: 

  • Express VPN- Open VPN with in-built DNS
  • Nord VPN- Onion over VPN with P2P compatibility
  • Cyber Ghost- With Unlimited bandwidth and faster speed
  • Fastest VPN – Netflix access with DNS leak protection
  • Surfshark-    With streaming and P2P file-sharing support 

These are the best VPNs that you can use to safely stream in Canada and anywhere around the world. 

Free Video Streaming Sites in Canada 

Here are the best free video streaming sites available for Canadian users. Some of these sites offer mobile app too: 

BNN Bloomberg

BNN Bloomberg is the perfect site for those who love to stay updated. It’s a news website where you can watch the news, live videos, shows, and important information related to the business market.

If you want to explore enthralling documentaries then there is no best option available for you except this one. This site is bursting with content and I am pretty sure that you’ll also find your favorite category too.

Entertainment lovers can also visit this site for great emotions, shows, and fun. is your real home for entertainment and you will have fun once you start exploring it. Here you can find shows, videos and a lot of entertainment content. is an amazing site, especially if you have children at home. This site provides entertaining content and most of its content is dedicated to children. If you’re looking for an entertainment site full of kids’ shows then this will be a great choice for you. offers a healthy variety of content mostly, sports. However, you can also find other entertainment like documentaries, music, different full-length shows, and much more. The best part is you can visit the website on various devices and platforms. 

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Best Paid Streaming Sites in Canada 


When it comes to paid streaming sites then Netflix is surely a top recommendation. Since February is set to come, here’s what you can expect to watch on Netflix Canada: 

  • Horse Girl
  • Gentefied
  • I am not okay with this 
  • Locke and Key 

All these titles will be coming up on Netflix Canada this February. 

Netflix Basic Plan available for $8.99 only. 

Disney Plus 

Disney Plus is another amazing recommendation for Canadian users. If you’re a fan of Disney shows and movies then you can stream this site. Disney Plus offers both current and traditional Disney content including Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic is also available. 

Disney Plus Pricing: 8.99/mo. or $89.99/year. 

CBS All Access 

It’s a video-on-demand streaming service where you can stream a great number of shows, comedy, drama, reality all along with 24/7 news updates. The service is available for different devices including iOS and Android phones, Apple TVs, tablets, Chromecast, and Roku

Price:  $5.99/mo


On Britbox you can expect to stream a collection of healthy British content including the latest movies, shows, and some interesting documentaries

Price: $8.99/mo. 


DAZN is a great choice for sports lovers. At DAZN, you can find a treasure of WWE, Soccer, tennis, and a lot more. Besides, DAZN also offers motorsports, MLB, and NFL. Works on various devices including iOS, Android, Xbox One, smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Price: $20/mo. 

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How To Stream Safely

Since I have shown you a very fine collection of both paid and free Canadian streaming services.  Now, I will explain to you that how can you stream all your favorite sites safely in 2020. 

I am emphasizing safe stream too much because some free websites offer pirated content, and it may create trouble for you. When you browse the web, you never know what will happen. 

There are countries that follow strict anti-piracy laws therefore, it’s better to stream safely using a VPN. 

As I mentioned above, you never know anything can happen online. For example, in 2015, 11 online users were sued by the producers of a movie named ‘’ The Cobbler” because of the piracy issue. 

Users were only downloading the movie for free, but because of the piracy law, they got sued. That’s why a VPN is very important for safer web browsing.

How a VPN Saves Your Streaming? 

A VPN is recommended to browse safely because it hides your real IP address and assigns you a new IP address. 

Every site that you stream, access your VPN assigned IP, and no one can access your real location or IP. 

Therefore, you’re all safe and secure from cyber-criminal, hackers, sniffers, and also government surveillance. 

There is much more a VPN can do for you. It lets you access content from around the world. 

It means that if you’re living in Canada and want to access the US Netflix library then you can easily do it. I will show you later how to do that. First, let’s learn how to get connected with a VPN. 

How to get connected with a VPN for secure streaming 

  • Subscribe to a VPN service 
  • Install VPN app 
  • Open the app after installation 
  • Login
  • Select server location 
  • Done. 

How to stream USA Netflix from Canada VPN

Here’s how to watch US Netflix from Canada and anywhere around the world:

  • Connect to a VPN 
  • Find and select a US VPN server 
  • Get connected to a US IP address (check your IP address, it must be changed to US)
  • Visit Netflix US 
  • Enjoy Netflix US library. 

Why Am I still Unable to Unblock Netflix Streaming?

In case, after following all the mentioned steps, you couldn’t unblock Netflix. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Clean up browser cache
  • Logout Netflix before connecting the VPN 
  • Get connected to a different US server 
  • Change device 
  • Contact your VPN support. 

Always select a VPN that offers 24/7 live chat support so you can ask for immediate assistance. I will show you some more features you need to look out for before buying a VPN. 

Things to Lookout in a VPN for 100% Secure Streaming 

You can never make your streaming secure on the web unless you’re using a trusted VPN. Nothing can protect and hide your IP from the ones who are always looking for it. 

Only a VPN can do this for you. But, not all VPNs are able to protect users. For example, a free VPN will never secure your web browsing. 

In fact, a free VPN will sell your data to marketers and make money from it. Similarly, a paid but low-quality VPN will get disconnected during the entire session of your web browser that may lead to a DNS or IP leak. 

Therefore, getting yourself the right VPN is very important. I will show you how you can get a trusted and 100% working VPN. 

Make sure that your VPN provider must offer the following features: 

  • Protocols

Protocols must be your number one consideration before getting a VPN. Protocols help to establish a connection between a user and a server. The most commonly used VPN protocols are PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN

  • Security 

The next thing to pick is security features. Security features are essential and if your VPN provider is not offering you complete security, there is no use for it.  

I will recommend you to never compromise on the security features. If your VPN is charging more than what you can pay, you may switch for an alternative but never compromise security.  Features like DNS leak protection, IP leak protection, AES-256 bit encryption must be offered by your VPN provider. 

  • Ad-blocker 

Ad-blocker feature is an essential feature for a flawless streaming experience. Not every VPN provider offers this feature therefore, always select a virtual private network service with the ad-blocking feature. 

  • Affordability 

Select a VPN service that provides multiple packages to suit your needs. Try to get a cheap 1-year subscription plan to make the most of your VPN connection. 

Can I use Free Proxy for Streaming in Canada? 

Yes. You can use free proxies to stream in Canada, but I will not recommend it. 

Free proxy service is not a reliable plus, it worsens your streaming experience.
When you get connected to a free proxy for streaming, you end up with unlimited ads that ultimately disturbs streaming pleasure. 

Also, the bandwidth is very limited that you can’t even expect to watch a full-length movie.  Last but not the least, there is no data protection, free sources often sell data to marketers. 

Faking your region is a breach. However, a VPN eradicates your chances to get trapped. When you access US Netflix from any location other than the US, you will not be able to stream your favorite content. 

A VPN helps you appear online from the US and it ultimately unblocks US Netflix content for you. 

Since your IP is hidden, therefore, the Netflix website or anyone cannot identify the real you. 

Can I stream on Firestick using a VPN? 

Yes. You can install a VPN app on your Firestick device and stream anything regardless of what your location is. 

Using a VPN with firestick allows you to unblock content from anywhere around the world safely. 

A number of VPN providers provide a dedicated Firestick app that doesn’t need any manual or long configuration process. 

Best Devices to Stream Movies 

Plop your butt on the couch, take your mobile phone and enjoy a movie night. If this is not the very best idea for your Saturday pleasure, then I have the best suggestions for streaming devices that are less boring than a mobile phone: 

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 
  • Apple TV 
  • Roku ultra
  • Roku Express
  • NVidia Shield TV 

All these devices are VPN compatible, enabling you to safely stream movies and shows. 

Wrapping Up 

We have entered in 2020 and experiencing a never-ending tide of new devices, movies, and TV shows. The entertainment world is exploding like never before, and we should be able to access everything without compromising online security. 

If you also want to hop on the entertainment van then no one is stopping you, but keep all the right gears with you to experience amazing streaming with no regrets. Get connected to a reliable VPN and stream like a king with no online threats.

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Ava Mccoy is a content management specialist at Fastest VPN. She likes to write and share her technical knowledge about IT and the latest digital security tools. She is a tech enthusiast and loves writing.

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