Best Free Medical Apps in Australia

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Whether you’re a patient or a doctor, there’s no doubt that health apps have improved your life in one way or another. From effective patient-focused care to minimized risks of misdiagnosis and improved patient engagement, technology is slowly but surely becoming a mainstay in the healthcare industry. 

While the benefits of healthcare apps are undeniable, you can’t install any app you find online. On average, 250 new health apps are added to app stores every day, and finding an app to match your needs can be a tedious job. 

We did the leg work for you and picked the top three health apps in Australia. Whether you’re a doctor or a patient these apps will come in handy. Keep reading to find out how the apps work, so you can decide which one best suits your needs and preferences. 

Top 3 Free Medical Apps In Australia

The use of health apps is catching on in the Australian market, and in 2020, 32% of Aussies claimed to use a health app on their mobile or tablet. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon, here’s a recap of our top three medical apps in Australia:

  1. HotDoc — Best healthcare app for appointment management
  2. Our Medical — Get Our Medical healthcare services with ease
  3. The Chemist Warehouse App — Manage your Prescriptions with ease

Let’s dive into it and discuss the nitty-gritty details about each app. Why should you pick one over the others?

  1. HotDoc

HotDoc is a renowned patient engagement platform in Australia. More than 18,000 healthcare professionals and over six million Australians use this app to book and manage their health appointments. The company prides itself on the quality of service and robust privacy and security of patient data. 

If you’ve been fumbling with healthcare appointments, the HotDoc app can get your life in order. What we like about the app is that it displays the availability of doctors, dietitians, dentists, GPs, Psychologists and more in selected facilities. 

This makes it easy to pick a date and time that works for both of you. You can book skin checks, dental checkups, vaccination, and child clinic appointment, to name a few. 

Even better, it sends you timely reminders so you never miss an appointment. For doctors and other practitioners, the reminders help reduce no-shows, and ultimately improve the bottom line.

  1. The Chemist Warehouse App
Chemist Warehouse App

The Chemist Warehouse is the leading online pharmacy in Australia, renowned for its unbeatable prices. Whatever medication your doctor prescribes, there’s a good chance that The Chemist Warehouse has it in stock. Beyond prescriptions, they offer vitamins, sexual health medications, baby care, dental care and more. 

Their app simplifies prescriptions. It gives you every detail you need to handle prescriptions from medication lists to directions and repeat prescriptions. You even get notifications directly to your phone when you need to refill when prescriptions run out. 

Even better, you can buy medication directly from within the app. This is a great feature, which lets you buy medication online from a leading online pharmacy in Australia with significant discounts. Check out the Chemist Warehouse Black Friday sale to get a firsthand feel for the epic discount the store offers. 

  1. Our Medical

OurMedical app is offered by OurMedical — a healthcare company with medical centres in all corners of Australia. The company seeks to provide comprehensive medical care for Aussies. Whether you need a blood test, dental checkup or radiology service, Our Medical is here to help you. 

The app itself aids the company in making its services accessible to Australia, regardless of where they are. It helps you book and manage appointments — you can see a bulk billing general practitioner in a few taps and choose between your preferred doctor or the first GP to pop up on the available list. 

Beyond appointment management, Our Medical lets you manage your information (including contact and healthcare card details), and queue for a telehealth consultation.

It also helps manage health documents such as radiology and pathology reports, medical certificates and specialist referrals. In addition, you can discreetly check in via the app to view a bulk billing GP in a few taps.