Top 10 Free Clock Widgets For Android

Best clock widgets

Best free clock widgets for Android to customize the home screen of your Smartphone/tablet

Android widgets are one of the best features have been used around the world for a long time. In recent technologies, new updates on widgets play a vital role in app settings, calendar, to-do list, clock, weather, etc.

Android users are undoubtedly aware of the latest clock widget and customization options in their fingertips allowing them to use according to the device display, size, and their requirements.

If you are looking to keep a track of time in your Smartphone/ tablet, here is a list of highly recommended 10 free clock widgets specifically for Android users.

#1: Fancy Widgets

This is the phenomenal app that complements the home screen beautifully. The entire fancy widget package has five widgets of different size of dimension that includes 1 x 1, 2 x1, 4 x1,     1 x4, 4 x2, and 4 x 4.

You can adjust the dimension according to your screen size. Check for the dimension that suits your screen and fix it accordingly. Apart from clock views, this wonderful app provides information about the weather in various places.

The clock widget has the option to alternate the clock from 12/24 hours format setting whereas the weather has the measurement in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Start using this unbelievable widget to decorate your home screen from the given link.

Fancy clock widget

Download Here: Android

#2: Minimalistic Text

This app serves not only for clock widgets but also provides information about weather, battery life, and clock ranging from hours, date and country along with the support of 23 languages.

If you really want to use this beautiful widget on your home screen of Android OS, don’t wait just download it from the above link and start using it.

Minimalistic Text

Download Here: Android

#3: Chronus

An incredible widget used in an effective way. Its purpose includes a clock, alarm, time panel, email notifications, events, to do list, general appearance and unread text messages.

Unfortunately, this app can be used with the latest version of the Android device that has 4.1 or higher version. It doesn’t support the lower version.

A monthly regular update is available on play store along with proper notifications and link. You can download it from above link and customize each option in your lock screen for tremendous benefits.

Chronus home lock widget

Download Here: Android

#4: Dual Clock

This widget provides accurate and two identical digital clocks with several customizations that deliver prodigious eye-catching clock widgets. To start the use of this widget download the app from Google play store.

You get tremendous two country time with this app. You have customization option with country time to set the clock time in 12/24 hours format.

Dual clock widget

Download Here: Android

#5: Simple Calendar Widget

The name of the widget is simple but it works magically. These clock widgets are extremely practical which displays important notifications and emails on the lock screen. It helps to take the backup details.

To start using this magical app download from the above given link. Decorate your home screen with varieties of magical design every day.

Simple calander widget

Download Here: Android

#6: D-Clock Widget

D-Clock widget is the best app for persons who are quite punctual and concern more about time. The person who is not punctual must try this app to follow punctuality that helps to reach heights.

This has a 12/24 hours format with black/white wallpaper display. You can change the position of clock according to your visibility in a fraction of seconds.

This app consumes less storage and the best deal to pursue. This best application can be used by downloading it from the above given link.

Digital clock widget

Download Here: Android

#7: One More Clock Widget

This is the first clock widget app offers in two versions. One is free and the other one is chargeable. Here we are going to check out the free version.

The free app has simple white text featuring transparent background provides an awesome lock on the home screen. It also displays a weather forecast of various places very clearly.

It has a wide variety of themes that can be used for home screen display. Decorate your home screen with the colorful theme and brooding theme and have unlimited fun by download it from above link.

One more clock widget free

Download Here: Android

#8: Digi Clock Widget

This interesting free digital clock widgets app give support extension and notification pop-ups about the local weather forecast, SMS, Gmail notifications, and missed call alerts. It alerts you on the lock screen for your important tidbits.

To make use of this app in your home screen just download it from the android link to make available in your device. Let your art expedition commence with the beautiful widget.

Digi Clock widget

Download Here: Android


It has terrible functionality. It has a top-notch quality that optimizes your phone with a wide range of color displays and extreme vibrancy. The user never uninstalls the app once he started to use this app.

It has an additional option of changing the size of the clock, date, time, etc. according to screen size as lower/upper case. Download this app from the given link.


Download Here: Android

#10: Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget

A clock widget to embellish your home screen is Analog Clock wallpaper. It displays an analog clock on screen with battery life indicator and calendar date with day of a week.

Perhaps you want the look of a Rolex on your screen then prefer to choose these wonderful clock widgets by downloading it from the above given link.

It is optimized for tablets/ Smartphone comes with an integrated alarm clock to wake up on time. Be smart by downloading from the link and use it on your home screen.

Analog clock wallpaper widget

Download Here: Android


Hope you have got so many choices on best free clock widgets for Android version! The clock widgets are quite realistic in looking, it’s time to select the best one that supports your mobile version and also fits your home screen.

If you are widget lover prefer to choose the clock widget along with pop-up notifications and support extension for better choice and best views.

In short, the functionality and features that you get select must be incredible and you will be not be missing out any things if you decide to pass up this offer. Just make sure your device is fit to the option you are selected and start exploring the clock widget in your Android version of Smartphone/Tablet.

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