10 Best Baby Care Gadgets and Apps To Best Care Newborn Baby

When it comes to taking care of your toddler, there are certain areas in technological innovations that you might not be aware of, but this little support can do wonders with the upbringing.  With little or no professional training or experience in taking care of your newborn, baby care gadgets have come to assist you in the task.

Here are 10 Baby Care Gadgets & Apps that you need to take care of your toddler

#1. Humidifier


Baby skin is delicate and prone to irritation due to lack of moisture, a humidifier is an electronic device that increases the humidity of the room so that your toddler can be free of irritation caused due to lack of moisture.

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#2. Baby Monitor

Babies Monitor

It doesn’t take much convincing to figure out that you absolutely need a baby monitor, a video baby monitor to be more cautious, monitor your baby’s activities to keep them out of danger, babies are prone to indulge in fatal activities when not under parental surveillance, and they cannot be under observation 24/7, which is why you will need a Baby Monitor.

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#3. Log for feed

It is laborious for mothers to keep a log of what time, the total numbers, and which breast they’ve fed their newborn. The mother here is already sleep-deprived since her newborn and to top it all, the work required to be done adds to the existing demanding task of proper childcare.

There are some apps that will help keep a record of the exact number of times you’ve breastfed, the track of the last feed your child was given, and help you manage their feed schedule.

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#4. Parenting app

There are advancements in technology to help parents who are not experienced in child nursing and need assistance in many steps in the process of taking care and upbringing their child. Even if it is not your first child there is always help required in parenting.

There are apps for education that will help you direct instructions for baby health, food, newborn care. Whether it is during pregnancy or after childbirth, health and food need simultaneous and continuous monitoring. The app will provide you with all the parenting help that will be required.

#5. Organizing tasks

There are numerous ups and downs when we talk about the upbringing of a child and taking care of an infant. The parents, both father, and mother, must juggle between office, work schedules, napping the baby, feeding, getting sleep for both them and their child’s, doctor appointments, and diaper changes as well. With all of it on the plate, proper care demands to schedule and organizing these tasks one at a time. With a to-do list and priority checker, running along with all the commitments required, the app will help you organize and plan to run smoothly.

#6. Monitoring progress

To keep a record of the child’s progress in health, food, and other activities there are apps that will help you keep track and monitor your child’s growth. Whether you have one child or more, you can enter information on the child’s sleep history, feeding cycle, nap time, nursing activities, and diaper changes, maintaining separate logs for each. The health parameters for vaccines or doctor appointments and baby milestones can be recorded for proper planning and management.

#7. Bedwetting Alarm

Bedwetting Alarm

Fix the problem before it even occurs, use a bedwetting alarm; it senses the moisture forming before the baby wets the bed, there’s no way of finding out if the baby is sleeping as he/she has urinated; it is really unsafe for a baby to be in such unhygienic conditions. The bedwetting alarm will beep and allow you to prevent your baby from wetting the bed.

It’s a great way to give toilet training to your baby very early.

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#8. White Noise Generator

A white noise generator is an incredible tech gadget that actually resonates with the noise as heard by babies when they were in their mother’s womb. It helps the baby adjust to the surroundings, the presence of white noise makes the baby feel safer.

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#9. Bath Thermometer

Bath Thermometer

A bath thermometer is yet another great baby care gadget using a bath thermometer you can set a temperature that is safe for your baby to take baths in. A baby cannot bathe in cold chilling water; he also cannot bathe in hot water. What he/she needs is lukewarm water. The bath thermometer ensures that the water is suitable and safe for his bath.

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#10. Self-warming Baby Bottle

A self-warming baby bottle comes in real handy, especially when you are traveling because you want to make sure that your baby consumes water that is safe to consume, free of germs. Water is very prone to contamination, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the water that a baby consumes is safe to consume.

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