10 Best Android Browsers for Fast Downloading of 2022

Are you looking for the best android browser for Fast Downloading? You are at the right platform here as in this article, we pick out the 10 best android browsers for your android. Browsers are the platform to get in touch with the internet through search engines. 

We have to choose a browser that provides fast loading as well as fast downloads along with the protection of security. You do not have to try each and every browser to know their speed, as we have done the task for you. And provides the top 10 best android browsers for fast downloads. 

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Let us get started and discuss in brief about 10 Best Android Browsers for Fast Downloads for you.

Top 10 Android Browser for Fast Downloads

Here, Let’s take a look at this list of top 10 Android Browser for quick download:

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is always known for its security and excellent private browsing experience. No doubt it blocks the trackers which are looking to monitor your cookies, browsing activity, and the sites you visited on the web. But you aren’t familiar with the fact that its downloading speed is also fast for any type of file format. 

Every browser has the capacity to download files, surf the internet and stream the content online. But this browser is included in the top 10 best browsers for fast downloads on Android. It maintains the ability of your downloading speed by blocking over 2000 trackers which slows down the speed. 

So, if you are looking for a browser that has fast downloading speed, safe browsing, and provides you a great internet experience on the web, Mozilla Firefox is one of the best for you.

2. Google Chrome

All are familiar with Google Chrome whether you have android or iPhone. It is always one of the popular browsers which provide the best experience to its users. 

Google Chrome has always been the favorite for everyone and it is able to download any type of file whether it’s video, audio, pictures, applications, pdf, or any other file. It has a variety of features like strong security, safe browsing, fast loading speed, and many more. 

These features enable Google Chrome a fast browser that does all the tasks in no time. Moreover, it offers incognito browsing, a built-in flash player, synchronizes the data with the same account. 

Thus, a great fast and reliable browser developed by Google which gives a unique and fast experience on the web. Due to all the great features and functions offered by Google chrome, it is on the list of 10 Best Android Browsers for Fast Downloads.

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3. Apus Browser

It’s a great browser as it is a lightweight browser that doesn’t create a burden on your phone’s storage. 

Apus is able to provide all your needs as a browser in a smooth and fluent way to make the user’s browsing experience friendly on the web. It gives you a great speed for loading web pages along with fast downloads. 

Moreover, it provides you to access the lock websites using private access and fast browsing for all the users even at a low-speed connection. So, because of its fast loading and downloading speed as well as don’t creating any burden on the phone’s storage, it is in the top 10 android browsers for fast downloads.

4. Opera Browser

Opera browser always serves best to its users and one of the oldest which has the trust and reliability of the users. 

So, if you are looking for an old browser that maintains the speed till now and has all the premium features of today’s technology, Opera is one of the best for you. And we talk about its user interface that’s always being wonderful. 

Moreover, it offers you to download content from those websites also, which are not accessible via other browsers. 

Opera comes in many other versions for getting the user the right app for them. In addition, Opera Browser comes with features like data saving to reduce cellular data consumption, Incognito browsing, and prohibits ads and pop-ups while surfing. 

The opera turbo has the specialty to render the pages faster whereas Opera Mini is a lightweight browser.

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5. UC Browser

UC Browser is also one of the trusted browsers that updates from time to time and always tries to enhance the user experience to its peak. UC is one of the fastest browsers to access the internet and also its downloading speed is superb.

Actually, if you are using a UC browser you don’t even need to install a download manager on your phone. Moreover, the UC is a customizable browser that not only enables the dark mode or Incognito but also allows you to choose from various add-ons to help your personalized experience. 

But be prepared to see some promotional pop-ups sometime, and unfortunately, you don’t even have the option to disable such pop-ups. So, if you want a browser for fast downloads UC is one of the best options, but you have to deal with some annoying pop-ups and application permissions.

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6. Microsoft Edge

The next best browser in the list of the top 10 best android browsers for fast is Microsoft Edge. It is built by the engine which powers chrome that speeds up its usability which means you can browse fast using this browser on the web. Now, it is available for Android users with great features and the best security protection. 

Microsoft Edge is a great browser that takes features from all browsers along with fast downloading speed. It has extensions of Chrome, security as Mozilla, and explores old web pages like the Internet Explorer. And as it is built on the chromium engine, Chrome users can easily familiar with it as it has the same interface. 

Moreover, it has some of the features that are also not in Chrome or any other internet browser that makes it different and unique. So, it’s also one of the best browsers which you can use on Android for fast downloads.

7. Brave Browser

It’s a great browser for your android that provides you with fast downloads. And while surfing the internet it clears all the possible ads from your page, especially those which are irrelevant to the search. 

Thus, enhance the user experience, and also it is the only browser that allows you to make any search engine default, other browsers also promise but may not succeed. Moreover, it blocks especially third-party ads which track your privacy.  In terms of security, it hides your history and IP address from the mischievous sites using which is a plus point. 

So, it is highly secured and reliable as well as fastest. Also, it clears the unnecessary data from the page and improves the readability of the data. So, the Brave browser is also a great choice for your android for fast downloading and the best security but you have to compromise with the ads.

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8. Puffin Browser

Puffin is also in the top 10 browsers list because of its great security and privacy techniques and this maintains its speed ability to surf the internet. It protects its users from malware and threats by streaming the websites using its servers and thus scrolls fast to the internet to load web pages. 

Moreover, it filters out the data and shows you only the content that is essential for a website and worth indexing. It loads web pages faster than the Safari browser and has the same speed as other browsers with the best security protection. 

So, it is also on the list of the top 10 Best Android Browsers for Fast Downloads, Go to the play store and install it now. 

9. Dolphin Browser

You get surprised by the fact that the Dolphin browser is the first android browser in Android smartphones. But as it doesn’t get much attention like the Opera and UC whereas it is prior to both of them. 

When we talk about the downloading speed, it also works the same as the other browsers. Dolphin Browser comes with a variety of features like a highly integrated user interface, flash players, and an ad blocker which gives your browsing such a unique and pleasant experience along with the downloading speed. 

Dolphin Browser is also coming in the list of best android browsers for fast downloads.

10. DuckDuckGo Browser

DuckDuckGo browser is also a good option for you as you are searching for a faster download but it mainly focuses on privacy. This browser is a tough competitor of the Mozilla Firefox browser and in a very short period of time, it stands with the Mozilla Firefox. 

When we talk about its features, there are a lot of features included in it, like it blocks the third-party website trackers, provides you the best security and the downloading speed is also good. 

So, you can also go for the DuckDuckGo browser for security protection as well as fast downloads. That’s why it is also included in the list of the top 10 best android browsers for fast downloads.


Fast downloading speed is very important for every user but this depends on many factors like internet connectivity, browser, and so on. In this article, we pick out the best 10 android browsers for fast downloads. I hope you like this article and find the article useful.

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