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AzureWave Technologies And How Does It Work?

AzureWave technologies have been around since the early 2000s. But it is surrounded by many questions. But no one seems to have any answers. And ever since the pandemic hit us, and we were confined in our home spaces, we have gone more curious every day. We have been constantly searching for answers to all those various questions. 

So, I was also one of those curious minds. And I spent many hours finding the technology and tried to find the answers. Alas, I found out. Many questions were answered during the research on the topic. And I was really surprised by some of the things that I found out about this.

So, let’s dive into the answers to all those questions without any further delay.

AzureWave Technologies

Yes, the first question that I found the answer to was simple. What is AzureWave technology? And yes, as I suspected, it is not a technology at all. It is the name of a company. The company is located in Taiwan. But it has offices in various places in the world like Singapore, China, etc. The company was founded in the year of 2005 in Taipei city. It is the same city where the company has its headquarter. 

The company works on wireless technologies and imaging solutions. They develop products used for wireless technologies in various industrial or personal devices. All products have one of these. The company is considered to be underdogs compared to others in competition including Huawei. But they have managed to hold on their own. They have made the competition sweat blood with their technology development. Many giant companies in the technology field opt to use their products on a regular basis.

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What does AzureWave Technology manufacture?

Their product is very simple, but yet so elegant that it is one of the commonly used products Almost every person is using one or more products that they manufacture, yet we are completely unaware about it. The reason behind this is simple. We buy the end product. We are unaware of the tiny parts of that product. So, let me go ahead and provide a brief description of AzureWave technologies products.

Wireless Communication Module(IC)

Let me go ahead and simplify it for you. Everyone uses the internet in one form or the other. If you use wireless internet, then, you might be using their product The router or your mobile which uses the wireless technology to connect you to the internet has a chip in it that establishes the connection by sending and receiving signals wirelessly. But how do they send or receive signals wirelessly? This is where the product of AzureWave technologies comes in. 

Wireless communication modules or wireless communication IC(integrated circuit), it is a small chip which used to transmit wireless signals from any device. This chip is the product that AzureWave technologies manufacture and develop. They are installed in every device that uses a wireless connection whether it is a Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi connection, your mobile data, etc.

Image Processing Module(IC)

It is as simple as the last one. Ever wondered how you are able to capture a moment of your life in a photo or video just by a click on your camera, your mobile, webcam, etc. Your camera lenses are used to capture the photo but it is processed by AzureWave technologies Image Processing Module. 

When you click a photo, the camera lens captures it. But the photo that you see is the end result. Before the photo is available for your viewing, it goes under processing which is done by an image processing module. A small chip that does all that and sends the final photo for your viewing which then you are able to view and relive the memory of that image in your brain. You may not have heard about the company or this chip that you use on a daily basis but none of us can deny the impact that it has made on us, and our world.

This product of the company also does the processing for your videos. You record the video, and then you simply watch it. But to process it and turn into a file that can be viewed by a video player on your device, all of it is done by this product. Imagine if the technology was not developed or manufactured, all those moments in your photos and videos that you relive over and over again for your pleasure would cease to exist.

The clarification of the confusing part

Now, most of you who are reading this are wondering that this company should be one of the biggest companies in the world if they have those two important products. But like I told you above, they are not the only company to manufacture and develop those products.


I hope that you were able to find answers to various questions that you had on your mind at the start of this article. And after reading this article, I am sure that you are as astounded as I was when I found out about all this. A company whose name I had never heard of made the products that have such a great impact on our lives. Imagine where the social media world would be without their product. Even if we ignore that, imagine where we would be if their product was not available at all. Half of us would lose our access to the Internet, the thing that has helped most of us keep our sanity intact in these hard times. All those trips and reunions that we have photos and videos of, they would only be lived once.

So, they are a company whose name we have never heard of, but their effect on our lives is one of the greatest!

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