Atmosphere: Smart Galaxy and Star Projector

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The market is flooded with different Galaxy and Star Projector, but I personally believe that Atmosphere projector holds something really very exciting. I have placed an order for this a month back, and I am giving this review after using it for a month. I personally believe that if you want your surroundings to be please sent, this one is best to choose.

I personally believe in all the features I am mentioning below, so I suggest you go through them before placing an order for them.


Work with voice assistant:

There is no need for me to go near to it and make the arrangements. It works well with Alexa and Google home as well. Earlier, I did not have Alexa and was not aware of it, but then I purchased Alexa and used it, and it works quite well with it. Also, I just need to give the command, and within no time, it got fulfilled.

The brightness is adjustable:

Brightness also plays an integral part, and I am quite satisfied with its adjustable brightness option. I can easily utilize it because, according to the surroundings, the brightness can be adjusted. I have placed it in my child’s room and adjusted the brightness to the lowest so that she can have a pleasant sleep, and I’m quite happy with it.

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Nebula cloud colour:

It is integrated with nebulous cloud colours and stars which are moving. Yes, you get it right. It will revolve and make the atmosphere of the room quite soothing that it feels like we have entered into the Galaxy. The colour combination is so good, which made me fall in love with it.

Shutdown timer:

It is occupied with a shutdown timer which let me operate it as per the requirements. In case I have forgotten to turn it off, the shutdown timer will do it automatically. I do not require to use it for the whole night because I just set up a particular duration for which I want the room to have the same brightness and same aura. When my task is done, there is no need for me to make any changes. It also has a schedule on and off feature which means that for turning it on as well, there is no need for me to get close to it.

Colour contrast as per my convenience:

Usually, some people have the habit of occupying the surroundings with multiple colours, and some want that the surroundings must have the same colour overall I have the same option available with it. It is occupied with 16.7 million nebula colours which let me make the customizations as per my requirement.

Smart app integration:

It comes up with any smart app integration as well, which led me to customize the settings as per my requirement. As I have discussed the features, I forgot to mention that smart app integration makes me make the changes. There is no need for me to go through something I don’t like. I just need to make the customizations to get the results I wanted.

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Refund option:

This comes up with a refund option as well, which thankfully I did not utilize, but at the time of purchase, there was mentioned that if I am not satisfied with the product, I can return it within 30 days. But I like it so much that there was no need for me to change it.

Necessities inside the box:

Talking about the essentials, it has power cables, a power adaptor, easy to understand instruction manual, an outer safety box, an inside gift box and an atmosphere Galaxy and star projector. The instruction manual was quite easy to read, that it didn’t even take even 10 minutes for me to understand it.

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Overall I would like to conclude that it is a must choose to have for the surroundings where you want that things must be as you wanted. The surroundings will appear to be quiet so that you will not regret spending money on it. I personally believe in it and I also gifted it to my dear ones.

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