Top 10 Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iPhone

In these days, most of the works can be done through your smartphone itself without facing a lot of risks in your life. Your phone includes a variety of personal photos, videos, and sensitive data. You have to add some extra security for protecting your phone from the intruders. Nowadays, the technologies are rapidly developed day by day; you have to utilize it properly according to your needs.

With the help of this technology, the intruders also access your personal data and information. Just search on the internet, you have a lot of hiding apps are available for providing high-level security to your phone. Now you are going to see about the topmost apps to hide apps in your Android/iPhone.

#1: Secret Photo Vault: iPhone

Secret photo vault

In 2019, this app is considered as the best vault app, which helps to keep your private photos and videos safely with a passcode. It helps to hidden your significant data, photos, and videos in a vault and no one will able to access it without entering the passcode. Remember, your passcode should be private, have not to share with anyone.

#2: Vaulty (hide photos and videos): Android

Hide picture and video vault

This is one of the great apps by squid tooth LLC, which helps to protect your important things. It has been introduced to hide your private videos and photos from intruders as well as allows you to send videos and photos from some other apps. With the help of this app, you can lock up your images and videos and allows you only to see them from inside the vault. It also provides a powerful and fastest gallery to android users.

The features included in the vault app are password protection and automatic, free and online backup. Multiple numbers of vault features are included in the single app and offer a lot of benefits to their users. It helps to take the picture of the wrong person who tries to open your phone with the wrong passcode.

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#3: Vault: Android


In 2019, NQ security apps offer a variety of best vault apps for Android/iPhone, which provides high-level security to your business data, videos, and images. It includes some of the important features such as app lock, cloud backups, private browsers, and some other. Nowadays, this app has been used by 100 millions of users and also rated with best reviews. Apart from protecting and hiding your private videos and images, it offers a feature of call reminders, which helps to inform about your call details.

#4: Keep Photo Safe Vault: iPhone

Keep photo safe vault

The iPhone users can keep all your private photos along with your videos safe behind this vault. It offers a password prevented vault for providing safety to your videos and images and will not anyone to see your personal details. The users have to maintain their security properly and keep their password private.

#5: Gallery Vault: Android

Gallery vault

The gallery app develops the team has established this app with a lot of advanced features to protect your private images and videos. The Android users can hide their audios, videos, images, and some more in this app, and the hidden files in this app are safely encrypted. This app helps to hide your icons and no one entered in your gallery vault except you.

In this app, the users can safely move their encrypted details to their SD card. It offers a smooth, beautiful, and elegant user experience to its users. The fake passcode entered by the intruders has been accepted by this app and it will show the fake contents and information.

#6: Calculator Vault: Android

Calculator vault

The calculator app is considered as the perfect app hider, which helps to protect your videos and images. This app icon will look like a normal calculator and offers a function of app hider. The users can enhance their smartphone security by hiding their privacy apps through this calculator vault. It helps to hide your private photos and videos as well as allows you to import your images into the gallery.

#7: Clock Vault: Android

Clock the vault

The hidden files included in this app are safely encrypted, which helps to hide your audios, videos, images, and some more. The icon of this app will look like a clock and work as an app hider. This is a private app; the users can keep their personal details safely. The users have to keep their password private and save your images and videos free from the intruders.

#8: Calc Vault: Android

Calc vault

This great app has the ability to hide your videos and images safely and also offers some of the additional features like private browsers, app lock, and some more. The people have to aware of the intruders, and utilize this app to hidden your private videos and images. It provides protection to your privacy and also users can enjoy some of the important features such as incognito browser, private browser, app lock, and some others.

#9: Private Photo Vault: iPhone

Private photo vault

This great feature app has been created by the Legendary software labs LLC to hidden all your private images and videos safely behind a passcode. This app will help you to save their personal details effectively and also no one will able to see your details without your knowledge. At the same time, the users also keep their passcode or password private; you will not share with anyone. In case, if your passcode has been known by anyone, then the intruders may have a chance to hack your personal details.

#10: Vault Calculator: Android

Vault calculator

This is one of the famous apps to hide apps and also your private images and videos from the intruders. The icon of this app as same as that of the perfect calculator app, and offers the function of picture hider. In case, if you want to protect your personal apps from third parties, you can able to hide through this app through this vault calculator.

The people have to more aware of the intruders and keep their private images and videos safely. Thus, these are all the top best apps to hide your important details from others.

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