Apple iOS 12.1 Review

All around Apple iOS 12.1 created a Buzz. The best part about this update is it features security updates primarily and some more other interesting features ate there that are being important to know.

Some features which make it most recommended one is:-

  • If one wants to do a video chat with 32 participants at a time, they can do it easily.
  • Encryption is available to an extent so that the conversations will be private.
  • From group message conversations, one will be able to start group FaceTime.
  • 70 new emoticons have also been included, and some of them are fascinating as well. some emoticons which were not part of the package earlier have also been include like a bald one, emoticons considering animals, and so on.
  • After this update, a user will be able to use Dual Sim. This is supported by iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.
  • Dual SIM is supported by e-Sim as well.
  • Depth control in-camera preview is also available for iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max.
  • There were some issues that didn’t let the voicemails to appear in the phone app. The same has also been fixed after the update.
  • The performance of the phone has also been improved.
  • Reliability on voice over in-camera, Safari, and Siri has also been improved after the operation.
  • Unexpectedly shutting down has been noticed in a few devices. The same has also been fixed because the performance management feature has got included.
  • When it comes to reporting about specific websites, an issue that could prevent the screen time from reporting has been resolved.
  • Earlier was the issue where messages got mixed up in one thread. Now users can sign up on multiple iPhones by the same user id, and the messages will not get mixed up in the same thread.

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